The Insanity of huMANity: But Aint He A MAN?




Who cares if he is “a nice guy”..

There is no need to feel sorry for a MAN who knocks out a woman.

Save your understanding for the woman that he was supposed to LOVE and CHERISH and RESPECT and PROTECT.

Oh yes I said it because that is his job as a MAN, as her mate, as her daughter’s Father. That is HIS charge.

To Treat her that way, to reduce her to that, and to subject her to that kind of treatment is UNACCEPTABLE!!


What he did was CONDUCT UNBECOMING OF A MAN! Sure he can apologize as so many others have done but as the statistics show the apologies often come too late. He hit her and drug her like a piece of meat. Not like a MAN who loves the woman who has mothered his child.

We can not excuse away his responsibility as a MAN!! The what ifs and maybe’s and assumptions of provocation are all totally irrelevant.

If you watch that video and your reaction is, “WELL MAYBE SHE”, then you are a part of the PROBLEM!!! Domestic Violence is a problem. People abusing others and excusing it away by finding something that the victim did that can justify their actions. Do you think the same when people beat their children? Or punch them in the head? Would you be saying well maybe the kid pissed them off? I doubt it. The mindset that children should be protected but maybe the woman did something to present herself as a human punching bag is beyond asinine!!

We should be outraged about all domestic violence. We should be concerned about the safety and well being of all women, no matter how much money their mate makes. We must be more supportive of women and also more truthful with men. It is not okay to physically attack another human being. We must stop believing this lie that we are somehow not connected and what happens to one person has nothing to do with another. Life takes a village! Not just child rearing!

Curtailing the Epidemic of Domestic Violence we face DEMANDS THAT MEN STAND UP AND TELL THE OFFENDERS THEY ARE WRONG! Simply because they are MEN!



The Emperor Clothes 

We are now in a country where the President Elect is constantly using media or Twitter to express his distrust of government officials and other citizens who do not agree with him.  Donald Trump not only questioned the sitting President’s citizenship but lead a consistent charge to discredit him as an American and undermine his authority and even after a birth certificate was produced on air Donald Trump said it was probably FAKE! Donald Trump the same man who also personally took it upon himself to call for the prosecution and persecution of the Central Park 5 who were accused of raping a woman but later exonerated by DNA EVIDENCE. Donald Trump still said they were guilty. 

Now if we ignore the racial component it still stands that Donald Trump is the quite familiar with producing and publicizing news that is not FACTUAL and creating conspiracies and distrust of the very government system that he has been chosen to command. 
Now this same person is President -Elect. That fact is not in dispute. The problem with that is by trade Trump is a man that seems quick to speak without any concern for if what he says is founded in truth. Yet Those who support him hear him speak and believe what he says. So Trump = Truth and any other government spokesperson is only as valid as he makes them. 

Its pretty DANGEROUS If President-Elect Trump is the SOLE barometer of truth in government and media and it seems that this is exactly the America he is trying to create. One that allows no critique of him to survive his “Backlash”.

A country where facts arent needed and 140 Characters from him can dismantle the credibility of those intent on spreading factual information. A government where being “informed” doesnt apply as long as the side you choose is his.. 



Now that Donald Trump has been chosen as the President- Elect..

All opinions aside the biggest question is, “How might the policies of his administration affect you as an individual and change this country?”

Piece by piece I intend to examine that question here…

So far its obvious that he is choosing very interesting cabinet choices. I’ll insert info on possible policy moves based on these picks.


And as of 11-11-2016 the markets are still benefiting from what is being called the Trump Bump.. Will his rash style of “governing” change that once in office is yet to be seen..

Im sure we are all Tuned in..

Know the Vote

Because women need all the instructions right??

Why are most of the books about changing yourself your life and finding love and happiness devoted to women as if we NEED ALL THE HELP AND MEN ARE FINE?

Lost Ones

You learn more about a man’s character, not from the voice of confident victory as he stands high on the winning podium, but from his attitude and words he mumbles as he grovels amongst the ground. …

Winning is easy but to err and admit it with humility is divine…


Minimum wage bill Blocked ..

WASHINGTON — A proposal to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10, an underpinning of President Obama’s economic agenda and an issue that Democrats hope to leverage against Republicans in the midterm elections, failed in the Senate on Wednesday.

The vote was 54 to 42, with 60 votes needed to advance the measure.

All but one Republican voted to sustain a filibuster against the measure, saying that the increase would damage the fragile economy and force businesses to cut hundreds of thousands of jobs.


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