Lost Ones

You learn more about a man’s character, not from the voice of confident victory as he stands high on the winning podium, but from his attitude and words he mumbles as he grovels amongst the ground. …

Winning is easy but to err and admit it with humility is divine…


Minimum wage bill Blocked ..


WASHINGTON — A proposal to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10, an underpinning of President Obama’s economic agenda and an issue that Democrats hope to leverage against Republicans in the midterm elections, failed in the Senate on Wednesday.

The vote was 54 to 42, with 60 votes needed to advance the measure.

All but one Republican voted to sustain a filibuster against the measure, saying that the increase would damage the fragile economy and force businesses to cut hundreds of thousands of jobs.


Dead Last and Still First.. Fran strikes..

Today I Rxd Fran!! 

(For those of you non Crossfit people no its not a PMS prescription..now that I cleared that up carry on)

Fran is a Benchmark Wod commonly performed in Crossfit boxes all over the world!! yes of the WORLD CRAIG!! LOL The workout is 21-15-9 Pull-ups and Squat Thrusters @65lbs. Today was the first time that I was actually able to do the workout without having to modify the pull-ups. Now I’ll be honest I didn’t even think I could do that many pull-ups. I was egged on (THANKS TRIPP MILLER) and Im not one to back down from a challenge. I knew I could do chin-ups and TOPS 3 kipping pull-ups in a row but 21 hahahahaha um no..

So I took the challenge, bit off more than I could chew, choked on it finished DEAD AZZZ LAST and you can’t tell me nothing. Huh? You read it right lol Now you are confused aren’t you?  Well lets clear it up mmmmm kay…

Have you ever done pull-ups? Yes or No?  Have you ever done a squat thruster? Yes or No? 

Now if you have and you can smoke Fran hush it up HERO!! But if not you put those two moves together and attempt to do them repeatedly!! it sucks but its awesome. Today I did what I didn’t even think I could. Was it slow as hell? Yes it was, with everybody already done calling my name but to me it was bigger than that.. It was a star on my “Yay ME Board”. 45 PULL-UPS AND 45 THRUSTERS!!

Its something else that I shouldn’t be able to do that I can!! Just another thing that I took from LUPUS!! Thats Right another day another fight another WIN!! Something else that I get to tell my family and they can look at me and say good job.

Where’s my CROWN, MY SCEPTER, AND MY CLYDESDALE UNICORN??? (yes If I was mythical I’d ride a unicorn built like a Clydesdale..) 

Is my Fran time today gonna blow people away hell no lmao But it damn sure helps keeps my walker dusty and my bad days easier to manage and that’s what I call WINNING.

So yeah I was DEAD LAST and It felt damn good and I Love it!!! ♥  Everybody should come get some!!! You know you want to!!

Why doesn’t the blood pressure checker lift boobs instead?? Why Scientists Hate Women

ImageSo today I actually had the honor of driving my own kids to school in the AM, a feat I rarely attempt to accomplish seeing as how my Partner in a Life of No Crime, Xavier usually rolls with the mini homies..

Oh and Xavier would be happy to know I took them without a headscarf on.. What What!! I wore my Master’s Hat! ( It’s a Tradition Like No Other you know? )

Anyway Kudos to all those moms who actually make this happen with a clean face and brushed teeth!! Here’s to you, you FRIGGIN SUPER HERO MONSTER you!! How do you do it all and bring home bacon and why haven’t these Einstein’s made it even more convenient than it already is?? We buy all this stuff and does it really make us faster or more productive? I think they just know that we’ll keep coming back trying anything they make to trim a few steps off the process.

One wheres my pants??? First question every morn..A really big one.. Like the LOCH nest monster! lol

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Simple Way to Change Your Life

Stop Saying ” BUT” 

  1. Truth
    Shut up
    - Some of us simply talk too much and listen too little.. Its annoying and half the time you are dead wrong in your actions and language but no one will tell you because you will probably try to remind them, “You’re Grown and do whatever you want.” 
  2. Show some Respect- Not just for yourself, but for others as well. You don’t get to do, say, wear, or act however you want just because you bought it or whatever other God awful ignorant reason you can come up with for behaving like you never had a parent.
  3. Quit Complaining- Ok so you hate your job and your life and your boss and your mate and the bagger in the grocery store and SCEG and every one in between. Be thankful for what you have and learn to find the joy in your life and STOP SUCKING THE LIFE OUT of everyone around you!! 
  4. You are a Horrible Parent- You don’t get to treat a child however you want simply because they are yours. Abandoning or Emotionally and verbally abusing your kids will result in them either hating you or themselves but definitely in them being unsure of what healthy love looks like. PISS POOR PARENTING says more piss poor than parent! Take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself, “How would you feel?” 
  5. No one is “Hating” – Maybe people simply DO NOT LIKE YOU because of your attitude, personality, character or lack thereof. If everywhere you go you seem to encounter HATE. “Im trying to get $5 on 10 at the shell and the cashier up in here HATING.” If that sounds like you, you need an Eval.
  6. You are my Business- All too often adults who are making ignorant, irresponsible, or just ill planned decisions say people should mind their own business. Well for those people in your life that have helped you, carried you etc. Most times you and your children are their business. So deal with it!
  7. You are SELFISH- Just because you contribute to your family and help other people doesn’t mean that you are a cheerful giver. Giving freely without expectation is probably one of the hardest things for most adults to do. Everything should not require a return! 
  8. Quit Pretending- Most people with jobs and homes have the same issues to face just with different levels of difficulty. There is no need to pretend that you are doing exceptionally well when you aren’t. People have common sense. Those close to you can see when you are miserable in your relationship. They are not fooled by your incessant trips to the mall, your Instagram Coach bags, or sneaker pics. Its cool if you don’t have copious amounts of discretionary income or if you are having a rough patch at home. Your real friends will try to help you. “YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIE TO KICK IT!” 
  9. Stop Holding Grudges- No one wants to hear about what someone did to you ump teen times! We have all been wronged, hurt, or betrayed at some point. You have to decide how to HEAL and move past those situations. GREEN LIGHT IT & Let IT GO or LET THEM GO!! 
  10. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! These three words although very simple are often saved for somber occasions and holidays. Don’t reserve them just for your kids or your significant other, your friends need to hear it too. (Even if the are F-in up!)



IN all the aftermath of the “Trayvon Martin Case” once again the curtain is being pulled back and the baggage of America is revealed. And we all know that in this country the “Race” bag is so large that once its moved, its like a domino effect, and all the other issues start to tumble out.

As much as I disagree with some people’s opinions, I must recognize that they are formed from perceptions that allow insight into how that person views the world. Just scrolling through social media feeds like Facebook and Twitter gives a peek into the minds of others and at times reveals an ugly intolerance for opposing views.

Our constant desire to be affirmed and told we are right has reduced our ability to interact. We create DISCONNECTS between sects of people because they don’t think, act, or look as we do.

We sometimes argue when presented with a point of view that we can not understand instead of seeing it as an opportunity to minimize the disconnect between another person or group of people. Even worse, to avoid being “Politically Incorrect” most people decide that speaking up is not worth creating any conversation at all. No one wants to admit the truth about how they feel because it might be OFFENSIVE , so its best to be silent than to admit you disagree. God forbid a discussion arises that leads to an intelligent dialogue.

To me this FEAR is the GREATEST THREAT! The idea that silence is better because acknowledging that you have a differing opinion will somehow invoke the Savage Beast dormant in another. That ignoring issues will through some act of a miracle “HEAL” them. This fear silences many voices because they do not wish to upset the “Status Quo”. Equally as disturbing is close minded talk of “they or them vs we and us” and those who believe that no one outside of the group they relate to is ever willing to hear their voice.

Examining the divisions revealed with the current events has brought me to the realization that these DISCONNECTS do not just exist between Black and White, but also between Women and Men, Christians and non-Christians, Heterosexuals and Homosexuals, Rich and Poor.

Differences of opinions, perspectives, lifestyles etc. will always exist. Sometimes there is a clear cut RIGHT OR WRONG! This case demonstrates that sometimes what is judged as legally right can be an absolute moral wrong. As good stewards of the world we are to address those things accordingly not bury or heads and ignore them or grab our pitchforks blindly. Yes emotions will run hot as they often do but in order to effect positive lasting change, we the people must learn how to have an open honest debate across the aisle.

Just because your perception is real to you does not make it RIGHT! Sometimes we need to adjust your FOCUS!!

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